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Rapport fra Spiel '03

View over entrance hall

Warfrogs stand
presenting their new game

Warfrog and Winsome
happily receives IGA

Reiner Knizia receiving
IGA 2003 award

The good doctor

Kosmos and Knizia

The winners of IGA

Miniatures in
maximum boxes

Models from
Age of Mythology

More Mythological models

Eagle's stand

Alan How from Counter

Playing Alexandros
with strangers

Alexandros close-up

Anno 1503 stand

Anno 1503: the board

Hans Im Glücks newest:

Hidden gem in hall 6:
Atta Ants

Another new one:
The bridges of Shangri-La

The Castle

Die Burg-collage

Hans Im Glücks
20-year competition

HiGs amazing

Lots of people passing
the Crokinole stand

Trond playing Diam


Finstere Flure -
Sinister Corridors

Trond hard at work

...FUBI with a Kverneland

Geister Treppe

Designer Kris Burm
showing Yinsh


Plaing Tamsk

Dancing with wolves?
Playing with pieces.

Goldsieber's stand

With hamster.

Queen's Industria.

Trond trying to keep
smiling, day 3.

Amigo's children stand

Another children's game

Kinderspiel Des Jahres 2003
Selecta's Viva Topo

A kingdom for a castle...!

King Arthur - Knizia's
electronic board game

Krimsus Krimskramskiste.
A mouthful in 80 days.

Another Krimsus.
"Wo is Jack the Ripper".

Winning Moves'
Kurier des Zaren

Playing Kurier des Zaren with Anne.

A tribute to Norwegians.

spotlessly dressed.

Lord of the Rings Labyrinth.

Lots of magnets
make a tower. And a
business idea.

Maka Bana.
Introducing a new line from Tilsit.

Mammoth Hunters
aka Eiszeit.

Another one from Martin Wallace:
Der Fluch des Pharao

From the people who
invented Giseh: Pindoo

Angela from
Plenary games, and a
slightly surprised Trond.

Trond winning in

Andreas Seyfarth receiving the IGA, and his newest offspring San Juan

One that flew under the radar last year:
Die Schatzeninsel

Playing it rough
with Mik and Don.

Haba's newest children's
game: The shivering castle

Connoisseur Settlers.

Dutch company making
excellent wooden boxes

Alan Moon explaining
how he enjoyed working
at Avalon Hill

Jeroen Doumen of Splotter
showing Roads & Boats

Splotter's newest - an
unnamed baby.

Cwali's 2-player:

...and the woman
vouching (croaching?)
for it.

Wolfgang Kramer's
prototype of a new game

The sunken city

...and its raging god

daVinci's fun game of
Kremlinism: Viva il Re!

Some of the charachters in
Viva il Re

New: Yellowstone Park

Stealing money from the rich: the Breakkey concept

And how to bring the
money back

The X-men: Kjell Inge
and Trond

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